Our mission is to promote and to support the volunteer component in museums in Canada, while also working at the education of the public about the value of museums and of preserving our heritage.


We offer a number of resources to our members, including our tri-quarterly electronic newsletter, Au Courant, and our monthly memo with volunteer management tools, Volunteer Voices.


Since our foundation in 1977, CFFM has been part of the World Federation of Friends of Museums (WFFM), and in joining us, you join a network of museum friends and volunteers from across the country and the globe.

Support Us

CFFM is a registered non-profit organization entirely funded by annual fees and donations. Your generous support helps us continue to pursue our mission.


We work with a group of amazing Canadian and international organizations that help us support museum volunteers.

Canadian Museums Association (CMA)

Alongside the CMA, we present our annual Carol Sprachman Lecture, honouring the memory of an outstanding museum volunteer and CFFM pioneer, and featuring a keynote by a leading Canadian voice of culture. We also work together to award the annual Museum Volunteer Award.

World Federation of Friends of Museums (WFFM)

As a member of WFFM, CFFM sends delegates to each of their International Congresses and Annual Meetings, and therefore represents Canadian museum Friends on the global stage.

Volunteer Canada


They produce a number of resources for volunteers, and CFFM uses many of these to support museum volunteers. Namely, Volunteer Voices, our monthly volunteer management bulletin, often features one of their articles. 

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