Museum Volunteer Award

The Museum Volunteer Award is established in collaboration between the Canadian Museums Association (CMA) and the Canadian Federation of Friends of Museums (CFFM).


This Award recognizes individuals or groups who generously volunteer their time and commitment to a museum or related heritage institution for several years. It recognizes volunteers for their continuous years of commitment and service to the institution.


The Award consists of a personal certificate which is presented to the recipients during the CMA Annual Conference.


The nominee for this award is an individual or a group who has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to a public, non-profit museum or related heritage/ cultural institution in a volunteer capacity.

This contribution can be as a member of a volunteer committee, a board of trustees, as a special-event coordinator or in another significant way.

The nominee must:

  • have volunteered with the organization for at least four consecutive years
  • not have received payment for their volunteer work
  • not have performed the services as part of their regular business or professional duties.


All nominations must be received by November 15 (of each year).


  • Value: Nominee contributed a valued service to the museum and the community
  • Innovation: Nominee initiated new programs or activities and used new methods to solve problems
  • Achievement: Nominee accomplished desired results
  • Impact: The activity or service produced positive changes and provides examples for other groups
  • Time: Amount of time devoted to the activity or service was significant
  • Dedication: demonstrate ongoing dedication and commitment to volunteerism and to the cultural and heritage field.


An independent selection committee reviews the nominations and chooses the Award recipients.


The nomination must be supported by someone with individual or institutional membership in CMA or CFFM.

6 copies of the following materials must be submitted:

  • Completed award application form
  • A signed letter of nomination from the institution clearly describing the volunteer’s activities and accomplishments
  • An explanation that details what makes the nominee’s volunteerism an outstanding achievement and how it meets the selection criteria (max. 2 pages)
  • Two letters of support, one from a volunteer and one from a volunteer organization or the community who has benefited from the volunteer’s commitment
  • Visual materials of the nominated volunteer and activities (optional).

Download Nomination Form

Mail your application to:

Museum Volunteer Award
Canadian Museums Association
280 Metcalfe Street, Suite 400
Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1R7


Or call: 613-567-0099

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